Kitchener Waterloo’s Best Martial Arts and Fitness Club

Watch our video below to find out why Double Dragon is Kitchener Waterloo’s best Martial Arts club for both children and adult Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Acrobatics, Yoga and Fitness.

Fun and Challenging Martial Arts and Fitness Classes

Kung Fu

  • 5 Animal Shaolin Kung Fu
  • For Students 3 Years +

  • From Beginner To Black Sash
  • 11 Classes Taught Weekly

Kung Fu

  • 5 Animal Shaolin Kung Fu
  • For Students 14 Years +
  • From Beginner To Black Sash
  • 2 Classes Taught Weekly

Recreational Kickboxing

  • Recreational or Competitive
  • For Students 8 Years +

  • From Beginner to Black Wrap
  • 5 Classes Taught Weekly

Competitive Kickboxing

  • Recreational or Competitive
  • For Students 12 Years +

  • From Beginner to Black Wrap
  • 3 Classes Taught Weekly


  • Acrobatics and Tricking
  • For Students 3 Years +

  • From Beginner to Advanced
  • Kung Fu Classes and Camps

Ninja Warrior

  • Ninja Warrior Training
  • For Students 6 Years +

  • From Beginner to Ninja
  • Parties, Events and Camps

Team Building

  • ANW, Martial Arts or Fitness

  • For Students 6 Years +

  • Team, School or Corporate

  • Scheduled as per Availability

Personal Training

  • Martial Arts and Fitness
  • For Students 3 Years +

  • From Beginner to Master
  • Scheduled with Trainer

Specialty Martial Arts Programs and Offerings

Day Camps

  • Holiday Training and Activities
  • For Students 4 Years +

  • Available to Non-members
  • PD, March & Summer Breaks

Birthday Parties

  • Unforgettable Birthday Fun
  • For Children 4 Years +
  • Available to Non-members
  • Book Saturdays or Sundays

Special Events

  • Martial Arts and Ninja Warrior

  • For Students 5 Years +
  • Available to Non-members
  • Book Saturdays or Sundays

Lion Dance / Demos

  • Good Luck and Fortune
  • Personal or Corporate
  • Available to Non-members
  • Contact Us to Book Your Event

High Performance Martial Arts and Fitness Facility

Now with New American Ninja Warrior Training Equipment

Double Dragon Martial Arts Building

6500 Sq’ State of the Art Training Facility

Double Dragon Kung Fu Kickboxing Facility

Large 3 Ring Tatami Matted Floor

Double Dragon Martial Arts Double End Bags

20+ Punching Bags & Climbing Rope

Double Dragon Martial Arts Ninja Warrior Mats

Ninja Warrior Obstacles & Salmon Ladder

Double Dragon Martial Arts Warp Walls

Warp & Climbing Walls, Peg Board & Zip Line

Double Dragon Martial Arts Professional Boxing Ring

2nd Floor Boxing Ring & Games Room

Motivating Martial Art Instructors and Coaches

K1 and Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructors

Kickboxing Instructor Chris
Kickboxing Instructor Dave
Kickboxing Instructor Hawk
Kickboxing Instructor Mike

Kung Fu Martial Art Instructors

Kung Fu Instructor Shawn
Kung Fu Instructor JP
Kung Fu Instructor Taylor
Kung Fu Instructor Lillian
Kung Fu Instructor Diego

Honest and Sincere Martial Arts Reviews

Kiley Martial Arts “Both my 7 year old daughter and I are students at Double Dragon. My daughter is taking Kung Fu and I am taking Kick Boxing. Both of our experiences have been wonderful. The Sifu’s and all of the other instructors are kind, encouraging, motivating and have realistic expectations of their students. It is a fabulous environment to get in shape, challenge yourself and have a lot of fun at the same time. My husband plans to join up for Kung Fu in September. Our family loves Double Dragon!”
– Jillian Mcburney

Kerri Martial Arts“All the instructors – both those in training and the fully belted ones – do an amazing job in engaging and guiding the students, young and old. Their ability to understand and know intuitively what the student needs is a mark of how well trained and how invested they are in the art and philosophy of Kung Fu. Beyond the discipline of martial arts, the instructors make it fun and captivating for the younger students and family members looking on.”
– Frannie H.

Owen Martial Arts “Our son Owen has been a member of Double Dragon Martial Arts for almost five years. He joined in grade one when he was being bullied at school. Owen loved it from the first day. The caring family atmosphere provided by the Sifu’s and the other members of the club have helped shape our son into a confident young man. We look forward to a long relationship with our Double Dragon family.”
– Jenn K.

Ashley Martial Arts “Amazing training facility!! The instructors are beyond awesome with the students. Everyone at Double Dragon is very encouraging and inspiring. Myself and my daughter both look up to all the instructors there. They teach the physical component of martial arts as well as the attitude and their extreme acrobatics class is absolutely amazing. Great job, Double Dragon!”
– Courtney C

Free Class or 2 Week Trial Membership

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Free Class or 2 Week Trial Membership

We always welcome Martial Artists from different disciplines such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Sanshou, Krav Maga, Boxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA!