Good Luck and Fortune Lion Dancing

The Chinese Lion is at the heart of Double Dragon Kung Fu school with a majestic and awe inspiring Lion Dance that dates back to the ancient Han Dynasty (205 BC to 220 AD). Realizing its importance to Chinese culture, Double Dragon has a traditional troupe – ready to perform for your special event. We often perform during holidays and important functions to dispel evil influences and enable fortune and good luck to abound. Our famous Double Dragon Lion Dance Team performs the tradition Southern Lion Dance style, using teams of two people in the brightly coloured lion costumes. A Lion Dance team is made up of a drummer, a gong player and as many as four cymbal players (with various sized cymbals and two dancers – one dancer in the lion’s head and one in the tail).

The Double Dragon Lion Dance Team performs throughout the tri-cities (Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge) for Chinese New Year Celebrations, Parades, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Grand Openings, Cultural Fairs, School and Corporate Events. Contact us today to book our Double Dragon Lion Dance team for your next special event.

Lion Dance Prices:

1 Lion and Drum (3 People) – $350
2 Lions and Drum (5 People) – $550
1 Lion and Drum, Symbol and Gong (5 People) – $550
2 Lions and Drum, Symbol and Gong (7 People) – $750

Prices are for travel in the Kitchener Waterloo Area only. Additional travel expenses will be charged at $0.66 per km per vehicle required to transport team and instruments outside of the Kitchener Waterloo Area. Delayed performances will be billed at $60 per hour per person from scheduled performance time. All lion dances must be paid in full prior to booking unless negotiated otherwise.

Please contact Sifu Lillian directly via [email protected] for a quote or to book a lion dance at your next event.

Check Out Some Lion Dancing Photos

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