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Best American Ninja Warrior Course and Training in Kitchener Waterloo

Ever watch American Ninja Warrior wondering if you have what it takes? Want to find out?

Check out our new fun and competitive Ninja Warrior course that includes 3 – 28′ Runs of Interchangeable Hanging Obstacles, Salmon Ladder, Climbing Rope, Peg Board, Board Breaking Station, Rock Wall, Zip Line and the toughest, most legendary obstacle, the Warp Wall. At Double Dragon, we offer fun and competitive Ninja Warrior training classes to help you achieve new levels of balance, agility, strength and speed. Master our course and earn a spot on our Double Dragon Ninja Warrior Demo Team where you will have the opportunity to show off your talents to the world.

A typical ninja warrior class starts with a 10 minute cardio warm up followed by 10 minutes of stretching and 30-45 minutes of technical instruction and practice before finishing with 10 minutes of conditioning exercises.

What to bring when you start? T-Shirt, Shorts or Training Pants, Water Bottle and Positive Attitude. Hope to see you soon!

Group Training or Team Building Events

We offer Group Training or Team Building Events utilizing our American Ninja Warrior obstacles at rate of $125 per Hour – Minimum 2 Hour Booking (Unless negotiated otherwise).

National Ninja League World Qualifier Event

Double Dragon, the first gym in Canada to join the US based National Ninja League will be hosting its second National Ninja League qualifier from November 9th -11th, 2018 where competitors will have a chance to qualify for the world finals February 15th-18th at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

Event Schedule:

Friday, Nov. 9th:

Youth (12 and under) Open Gym: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Adult (13+) Open Gym: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Saturday, Nov. 10th:

Young Adult (16-17), Masters (40+) and Pro (18-39) Check-in: 11:30 am
Young Adult (16-17), Masters (40+) and Pro (18-39) Rules and Walk-Through: 12:00 pm

Sunday, Nov. 11th:

Teens (13-15): 10:00 pm
Preteens (11-12): 12:00 pm
Mature Kids (9-10): 2:00 pm
Kids (6-8): 4:00 pm

To register for the event or purchase spectator tickets, please click on the link to visit our Double Dragon NNL Eventbrite page.

All Check-ins 30 minutes prior to start of age division.

Redemption time will follow results and awards of each age group and run until the next group begins.

Check Out Some Photos Of Ninja Warrior Training

Ninja Warrior Nunchaka Hang - Ashley
Ninja Warrior Nunchaka Hang - Diego
Ninja Warrior Pipes and Rings - Ashley
Ninja Warrior Salmon Ladder - Diego
Ninja Warrior Warp Wall - Ashley
Ninja Warrior Rope Climb - Diego
Ninja Warrior Zip Line - Diego
Ninja Warrior Balance Boards - Diego
Ninja Warrior Warp Wall - Diego

Free Class or 2 Week Trial Membership

Join us today and start achieving all that you ever imagined… Get a Free Class or a 2 Week No Obligation Trial Membership with Unlimited Classes when you purchase a Double Dragon T-Shirt for $19.95. New members only!

Free Class or 2 Week Trial Membership

We always welcome Martial Artists from different disciplines such as Kung Fu, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Sanshou, Krav Maga, Boxing, Wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts or MMA!