Yin Yoga

Interested in improving flexibility and the health of your joints?

Yin Yoga resonates deeply in the dense fibrous tissues, ligaments and joints of the body where it is believed that deeper energies get stuck. This practice aims to increase our natural range of motion with gentle steady stresses, while encouraging our bodies to unfold from their contracted stress induced states. The magic is hidden in time.

What is Yin Yoga?

  • Long held passive stretches targeting the connective tissue of the body
  • Postures are usually held for 3-5 minutes with emphasis on lower back, hips, pelvis and legs
  • Great compliment to more dynamic and muscular “Yang” styles of yoga
  • This quiet practice is ideal to prepare the body for long periods of seated meditation

Before Practicing Yin Yoga

  • Advise your instructor of any health issues or injuries, prior to the class (consult your health care provider if you are unsure if this is a safe practice for you)
  • Yin is practiced prior to engaging in physical activity (muscles need to be in natural state – do not warm up the muscles before practicing)
  • It is best to practice on an empty stomach, without perfume/cologne or metal objects, such as jewelry
  • Bring a mat, blanket, pillows and/or bolster to each class for support as needed
  • Work within your own limits and ask for assistance as needed
  • Always listen to your body and come out of a pose it is too much
  • Stretches the connective tissue, releasing deep tension from the body
  • Lubricates and strengthens the joints
  • Counteracts contraction and fixation (both signs of an aging body)
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility
  • Re-establishes the normal lordotic curves in the spine, specifically the lumbar but also the cervical spine
  • Releases subtle tensions in the eyes, heart, diaphragm, stomach and skull
  • Helps us to become better overall at “Yang” yoga and sports
  • Develops patience
  • Develops awareness and equanimity
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Great way to cope with anxiety and stress
  • Learning to relax helps us to distance ourselves from negative tensions and deal with them more efficiently
  • Diffuses negative emotional reactions, changing our behavior patterns
  • Allows us to develop the “Yin” qualities of surrender and observance, a willingness to feel and a greater tolerance for uncomfortable experiences
  • Heightened sense of clarity and restfulness in the mind
  • Changes our body language
  • Balances the flow of energy in the body
  • As our energy harmonizes, not only does the body open more easily, our mind settles into an effortless contemplative repose, paving the way got meditative insight to occur
  • Helps our organs to function properly through pressuring the meridians
  • Turns off the sympathetic nervous system and turns on the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Our essential or authentic nature, disentangled from the reactive patterns of the personality, becomes revealed and accessible through the mindfulness of the “Yin” yoga practice
  • Helps us release past thoughts, feelings and memories that were trapped in the body as physical tension
  • Strengthens our connection to our Higher Consciousness
  • Facilitates a trusting relationship with our intuition
  • Helps us source our energy from within
  • Athletes: martial artists, runners, team sport participants, dancers
  • Anyone who spends long hours sitting in a chair and in front of a computer
  • Middle-aged people who think they are not flexible enough to do yoga
  • Anyone with a very “Yang” lifestyle
  • People with stress-related illness
  • Those who would like to begin or deepen an existing seated meditation practice

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